Below is a list of FAQ that we are asked on a regular basis with practical answers.
If you have any queries that are not discussed below, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Why choose a driving course with Crash Course Driving School?

We specialise in intensive driving courses with all of our driving instructors trained to get you to test standard in a matter of days. Our aim as a driving school is to help you pass as quickly and safely as possible with the minimum amount of driving lessons.

What’s included in a crash course?

All our driving crash courses include one to one tuition from a DVSA-approved driving instructor. The practical driving test is included as the final hour of your crash course. To learn more about the courses, please check our courses page.

Do I need to pass my theory test before I book a crash course?

You do not need to have passed your theory test before, however this will be taken in consideration when booking your crash course. You have to have passed your theory test in order for us to book your practical driving test so it is recommended to book this before starting your crash course.

How long does the theory test certificate last in order for me to pass the practical test?

Once you have passed your theory test, you have two years from the date to pass your practical driving test.

Can you book my theory test for me?

Once you have passed your theory test, you have two years from the date to pass your practical driving test.

What crash course should I choose?

As every learner is different, we offer an assessment driving lesson to ensure we offer the right crash course to you. Please note that our driving instructors would only recommend what they think would help you pass your driving test. You can book an assessment lesson using our book now form.

What if I require more driving lessons?

It is possible to add more hours onto your crash course if recommended by your driving instructor.

Can I choose the number of hours of lessons I take per day or when I take them?

When you book your crash course our team will ask for your preferences. This includes your availability for driving lessons and the practical test. Our driving instructors will only book you in for driving lessons when you are available, with a maximum of 6 hours of driving lessons per day.

How do I pay for a crash course?

You can secure your crash course by paying a deposit of £99 via credit or debit card. The remaining funds can be paid either by card or cash to the driving instructor.

Am I still able to book a crash course if I have already booked my practical test?

This is dependent on the practical test date as well as the availability of the driving instructors. If we are unable to secure a crash course for you, we are happy to help with altering the practical test date.

Am I guaranteed to pass my practical test?

We do not offer a guaranteed pass on any of our crash courses as the practical test is carried out by an independent examiner who will assess your driving performance. However, we will teach you all the skills and knowledge needed to pass your driving test.

If I need an extended practical test, can I book a crash course with you?

Yes, you are still able to book a crash course. However, you will still be required to book an assessment driving lesson before you can book a crash course.


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